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Imagine your local bookstore.
How do you weave through its sections? What do you look for? Familiar names? Familiar genres? Us too.

Website's algorithms work the same way. Feeding us more of the same. And after years of picking familiar authors, and circling around the same genres online, we realized we had become trapped in our own taste.

So we started swapping books with friends people whose taste was different than ours. We learned that we’re not so good at finding new books on our own. Or at expanding our own taste.

And that’s what [reads] is meant to do.
To give you that feeling of discovery. Of stumbling across something you would have never thought to look for on your own.

It’s why we love visiting new countries
and meeting new people. Their stories are different than ours. We lend them our attention they lend us their perspective.

It’s a pretty remarkable trade. One we want to give everyone. Because books can comfort us and reinforce who we are, or they can push us to explore who we’re not.

What's in the box?

2 books! We partner with curators to deliver you books and get insight into other people's libraries.
Personal notes! We will include the why and story behind each book. 
We include library cards in each book to encourage sharing after reading. 

We Promise to:

Never give you a book we wouldn’t read ourselves.
Give you quality over quantity.
Help you expand your own personal taste.
Encourage you to discover something you might not have found on your own.
Help you build your library 2 books at a time.