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Summer Stack

We’ve curated a "[reads] summer stack" inspired by trips upstate, park picnics, lazy hangs, and having more time to read in the summer.

Limited number available at [reads] and exclusively at Coming Soon.

For our summer [reads] stack we wanted to put together an extra set of books to have whether you're going vacation or not. Summer is what you're reading :)

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    [reads] collection 006 Mythologies

    Narratives and Stories that play a fundamental role in society.

    We have access to boundless information and prodigious quantities of stuff. We decide to like or not, to believe or not, to buy or not. We pick and choose. We think we are free. Yet all around us, in pop culture, politics, mainstream media, and advertising, there are codes and symbols that govern our choices. They are the fabrications of consumer society. They express myths of success, well-being, and happiness. 

    Inspired by Nirvana, John Coltrane, UFO’s, California in the 60s, Ancient Greek Mythologies and spiritual shamans.