Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

Summer Stack

We’ve curated a "[reads] summer stack" inspired by trips upstate, park picnics, lazy hangs, and having more time to read in the summer.

Limited number available at [reads] and exclusively at Coming Soon.

For our summer [reads] stack we wanted to put together an extra set of books to have whether you're going vacation or not. Summer is what you're reading :)

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    The world is often feels like it’s 5 seconds away from tasting like cold french fries. We’ve adapted to the rapid pace of advancing technology, but we’re left wondering if any of the information we take in really sticks? We’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and at max capacity.

    Enter [reads], we’re cutting through the noise to give you the tangible experience of books. [reads] is a comfortable space that you can crawl into, share with friends over dinner, be inspired by at the studio, and ultimately disconnect from the rapid fire of the internet.

    We can’t promise the [reads] books will be what you’re into right now, but we can promise that our books will inspire you to start exploring something new. We hope with [reads] you learn to take note of what resonates with you, what’s impacting you, what’s changing you, and what’s challenging you.