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How does it work?

1.  Every month we explore a theme. We send you 2-3 books based on that theme to help you learn forever.

2. Our boxes are available once or as a subscription with 10% off and free shipping.

3. Sign up by the 30th of the month to receive the following months collection.

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What is [reads]?

[reads] is a platform to help you read outside your comfort zone and experience books in a different way. We offer a subscription service, curated libraries and an events based community.

[reads] themes for 2019

Love, Earth, Privacy, Tribe, Ontology of Things, Mysticism, Ephemera, Nostalgia, Vessels, Survivalism, and The Great Unknown.

Our curation process

Our approach to curation is to be generalists and learn about everything from different perspectives. Think of our [reads] collections as starter packs to explore new topics.

We collaborate with experts we feel have experience related to the collection theme, to host our [reads] cultural club events.

[reads] reviews

"The nice thing about reads is that you're opening up worlds to members that they may not usually see... because they're not getting to choose” —Noemie Le Coz, Creative Director / NYC.

I think sometimes you don’t know what you want until you have it. For me I would never have picked up some of these books or known that I liked them if it weren't for [reads].” —Cassie Shankman, Composer / Austin.

The internet is very loud and reading helps linear focus everything.” — Christina White, Venture Capital / NYC.

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Modern Love by Constance De Jong

Weight of the Earth by David Wojnarowicz

Felicity by Mary Oliver