When will I get my first book?

[reads] boxes are shipped out the 30th of the previous month, it's safe to say that you'll receive your package by the 7th of the month! 

Where does [reads] ship?

We ship free to all addresses in the USA. We're not able to ship international yet, but hopefully we can grow and expand our capacity to accomodate global readers.

How will I know if I will like [reads]?

We are focused on human curation, rather than computer algorithms. If you have an open mind we are excited to surprise you with reads that might not be something you would normally pick up off the shelves, but are relevant, insightful and beautifully designed. Each month is a thoughtful starter pack to new topics. We think of [reads] as helping people to become generalists.

What will my [reads] box look like?

Each [reads] box is a starter kit and will include 2-3 books on the theme of the collection. Each box includes curation cards and special goodies related to the theme.

What kinds of books does [reads] include in the subscriptions?

The [reads] experience is the solution to being surrounded by books and building a home or studio library. Centered on discovery, our [reads] delivery is made up of a broad spectrum of books, spanning various genres, times periods, publishers and authors. Not all may be familiar but all will be worthy of multiple reads and sharing your [reads] library with friends.

[reads] features a wide variety of great books. We focus on highlighting new authors, essential releases from authors you may have never heard of, as well as a healthy dose of must-have books that deserve to be revisited.

Our team is constantly reading new books and looking for books that are complete works of art from start to finish. We search for books that are worthy of taking up precious space on your bookshelves. We believe that peoples shelves are very representative of who they are as a person.

Who is [reads] for?

The [reads] customer is someone who is curious about expanding beyond their own personal interests and tastes. Our [reads] boxes are not custom tailored, we curate the experience for you so we understand that [reads] might not be for everyone. We believe that a [reads] customer is an adventurous reader who wants to be a generalist and explore new topics. We believe that our [reads] customers are craving this return to analogue and tangible experiences. 

Where is the [reads] store?

We're an online platform, so we do not have a brick and mortar retail location. If you live in NYC you're welcome to stop by the [reads] studio, we're real people and we love making new friends. Our studio is located at 244 Canal Street in Chinatown NY 10013—shoot us an email info@reads.delivery and let us know if you'll be stopping by! We also enjoy coffee dates at 1 Oliver coffee nearby, they're our pals with a curated magazine selection known as IMPORT.

Logging into your [reads] account.

The [reads] account page is a platform where you can do all things as it relates to your [reads] subscription membership. You can shop the store, update and manage your membership, change your billing, shipping, or payment info, view order history. Everything!

Where do [reads] books come from?

Each month at [reads] we ship you the best books to build your library. We partner with a selection of publishers and literary agents across the globe to bring you the best under the radar titles.

Do you accept orders by phone, email or in person?

We only accept orders through our website to ensure you can quickly, easily and accurately place an order for a [reads] box. You should always feel free to email us at info@reads.delivery for any questions that you may have. You can text or call us too: Rachael's cell is 315 854 0749 and Emma's cell is 347 781 2509.

Can I pick the books in the [reads] box?

The [reads] product is curation and discovery. It's our job to research and find the interesting and quality [reads] and deliver to you. Our boxes ensure a diverse range of books that are unisex and designed to surprise you.

What is your return policy?

If you are not happy with the [reads] experience you can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime or contact us and we'll help you out. We put good old library cards in every [reads] book to encourage sharing and swapping books incase you already have one of the books we've sent you. We are working on a program called, recycled [reads] where we will help you to donate books.

What if I already have the book?

[reads] is designed as a shared experience based around sharing conversations and books with friends. As a team we are doing our best to give you an unforgettable experience full of exclusive surprises, so even if you have the book we are hoping you will enjoy the personal notes and library cards inside. You are also welcome to pass it along to a friend or email us, we're working on our recycled [reads] program so that you can ship books to a good home for free.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is FREE for subscribers. If you purchase a one off box then shipping is an additional cost.

Can I cancel?

We get it life gets crazy and sometimes getting something every month is just too much. Don't worry we've got your back—you can pause [reads] at anytime and we will welcome you back when you're ready.