August: Ephemera

August: Ephemera

Posted by Emma Stevenson on

A small moment in time.

About the Collection:

The lifecycle of ideas and things are so fleeting. For us here in New York it feels like the lifecycle is even shorter—people make things knowing they won’t be relevant in the morning. We don’t attach ourselves to anything for too long, and this collection of ephemera is a representation of that. These 5 zines mimic that same cyclical structure and give us reason to pause and preserve something.

Before iPhones and Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook— there were zines, mix tapes and posters, analogue things we now refer to as Ephemera. A small captured moment in time. Zines remind us of the unique feeling of being one among a tiny group of special people in possession of a carefully made publication. In a world so bombarded by images reflected through the iPhone, somehow seeing images and words on paper feels completely refreshing to us.

Inspired by:

Kanye West at the White House, Tide Pod challenge, Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears, and 6th grade love letters.

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