March: Earth

March: Earth

Posted by Emma Stevenson on

The Earth will not heal itself.

About the Collection: 

This collection is broadly focused on doing our part— it takes a deeper look into the politics of climate change, measuring our footprint and what practical solutions we can take. We wanted to think about sustainability, our environments and introduce our readers to some interesting perspectives on what “caring for the planet” actually looks like. The first book takes a look at the American desert from an Asian perspective. Our second book is changing the way people interact with and think about non profits, trust us— it's unconventional. Our final pick looks at climate change and learning new ways to inhabit the earth.

Inspired by:

This collection is inspired by Cal-Earth Institute, charity:water, The Great Barrier Reef, 180 degrees South, beekeeping, the way politics now influences climate change, and measuring our footprint.  

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