July: Mythology

July: Mythology

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Narratives and stories that play a fundamental role in modern society.

About the Collection:


What is mythology, why should we care about it and how does it fit into our lives today? Essentially myths are powerful encoding values and ideologies which tell us who we are. When understood, and when a person can identify areas of their own culture and belief systems, our ideas of myths are rife in all forms of media – film, television, adverts. It is only when one starts to recognize the differences in culture that these connotations become interesting; when they are juxtaposed in such a way, their meanings begin to conflict and change.Our Mythology collection is carefully put together to inspire our readers to think about the modern myths of our American cultural past that drive our decision making today.

We think we are free. Yet all around us, in pop culture, politics, mainstream media, and advertising, there are codes and symbols that govern our choices. They are the fabrications of consumer society. They express myths of success, well-being, and happiness. We’re taking a look in this collection into some of the myths that drive our decision making today.

Inspired by:

Nirvana, John Coltrane, UFO’s, California in the 60s, Ancient Greek Mythologies and spiritual shamans.

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