Hi— welcome to [reads].

We are Rachael and Emma. We love books and are inspired by discovering and learning new things, which is why we created [reads]. 


[reads] is on a mission to make reading something that is celebrated and achievable for everyone to build into their daily routine. We want to inspire people to be forever learners. [reads] is a different way to shop for books motivated by people wanting to return to analogue and offline experiences— we are a new bookstore for the digital age.  

Books are a good way to remind yourself of where you’d like to go, who you’d like to be, and how to be open to a new perspective. So, why choose [reads] instead of picking out your own books?

When you go to the bookstore or Amazon, you’re likely to end up with a book that you normally would (of course) pick for yourself. But by allowing others to do the curating, you’re discovering and growing beyond yourself.

We think reading out of your comfort zone is interesting: At a time where it seems like everyone is struggling from decision fatigue, [reads] should feel like a friend packaged up two books that he or she thought you might enjoy.  

Each month we curate 2 books we hope you won't have selected for yourself. It's our goal to read outside our taste and to learn from others. We work with incredible curators to make sure that our selections are diverse and surprising.

Our team is small and mighty and made up of people who want human connections more than computer generated algorithms. We love hearing feedback and learning— please let us know how we can make the [reads] experience more enjoyable.